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'A Story of a Soul' by St Therese

Hi my name is Susannah and I am exploring vocation. This week I have read 'A Story of a Soul' by St Therese de Lisieux. It has floored me. I am very moved by it. At the same time it is so challenging. I guess Therese has made me realise much more clearly what it may all involve. I hadn't even heard of her 2 months ago. Then I mentioned my thoughts of vocation to my work colleague Teresa, and she rushed upstairs and came down with Therese's ring, which they had kept in the family (because they are related). I went home and did what anyone as ignorant as me would do... Wikipedia! And there I learnt about the little way. But, really, until I read her book - her extraordinary book - I understood so little of the potential cost. It is a book that some people will absolutely hate. But I learnt more about sacrifice and surrender than I had ever understood before.

It's just that I so much *don't* feel like surrendering with that self-abandonment to the fire of divine love. The danger is reaction and giving up and saying, well actually, I really would rather just live like the whole world lives.

I was glad when the post from the hospital arrived today, with my job info, because it kicked me back into very practical mode, and the practical 'doing' I am being asked to do.

But that doesn't change the words I've been confronted with. I can pretend I didn't hear, and yes, anyway, my life is about to get very practical. But in the place in my heart where the whole world's stopped, it feels like there is no escaping a vocation I didn't realise would ask quite this much.

Have any of *you* read 'A Story of a Soul' and what did you think?
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