Azina Zelle (azinazelle) wrote in womenvocations,
Azina Zelle

Vocation discernment question

I've been discerning a possible vocation to religious life for a few months now. I've contacted a couple of different communities and recently worked up the courage to go on a "Nun Run" sponsored by my diocese. I met several communities and several sisters who are wonderful faith-filled people. The odd thing though is as the "Run" progressed I became more restless and agitated (which I hope I managed to hide successfully) and by of the end of the night when I drove back home I was overwhelmed with feelings of disappointment.

Since that "Run" I've felt less of a clearer sense of my vocation to religious life, which confuses me as I had such a fight within myself to go forward in my discernment (I did not think religious life was for me at all) and when I finally started discerning seriously it feels as though the "call" to religious life is suddenly gone, making me confused and a bit irritated with God.

On a much shallower note, one of the things that bothered me on the "Run" was the sisters lack of wearing habits. I know this is really irrelevant but somehow it kept nagging me as well.
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