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I, I, I, I should listen to the broadcast


Hi, I'm Meg--I'm really excited that there's a community like this on LJ *waves*

well, this topic was posted here earlier, but it was last year, so I've taken the liberty of bringing it up again--mods, if this is no good, I'll certainly take it down and/or put it under the other thread.

So. Women in the priesthood. (yeah, sorry, another one of those...)

I'm Roman Catholic, I love the Lord and my fellows, and I have wanted to be a priest since I was little. I graduate from high school this year, so deciding on an education plans/career path is pretty top-priority. Unfortunately, this goes hand-in-hand with facing the idea that...well, my Church, my Family doesn't want me to serve Her as a priest.

My parents told me I could become a nun instead; their reasoning is that sisterhood is "the closest I can get to the priesthood." That was very angering. I respect and admire the vocation of sisterhood far too much to demean it in such a way--like making it a "Plan B" or a "fall-back." No way-- sisterhood isn't second-best to any vocation!

And I don't feel as though I have been Called to sisterhood...insofar as the Gifts that God has given me and the influences He has brought into my life, I truly feel that I can best serve and most completely offer my life to God as one of His priests. Could that be a Call?

But...I really just want to serve God whatever way He wants me to. Maybe this urge I feel--however earnest--is only my own; I constantly struggle for true humility and selflessness--what if this is another snare to boost my ego and kindle false indignation against God and the Church? ...I know my answer lies in prayer, but I'm frightened-- I'm scared that my own self-righteousness will drown out God's Voice; that I have/will have closed myself off from Him...

Ha, this whole being-human thing isn't all that easy, huh? Well anyway, thanks for reading. Peace of Christ be with you always!


ps: ....May I ask, perhaps, if you could remember me and all those who are struggling with this same dilemma in you prayers? I'm not doing such a bang-up job by myself...thank you again.
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