Sue (orange_coat) wrote in womenvocations,

Sacred Heart Apostles

I finally went on my first discernment retreat, even if it was only for three days. I went to the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at their U.S. "motherhouse" in Hamden, Connecticut (has anyone been there?) I don't know if I'm called there, or if I'm really called at all. I do know I seriously loved that order.

Or if I have just discovered the phenomena of a retreat high which I have never experienced before?

I'm guessing it had to be more than a "retreat-high".

Any thoughts on the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus? Or even any thoughts at all? 

How's your discernment process going, what order/orders do you like/are looking into?

Just curious :-).

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Beware the retreat high! It is a very enriching feeling, but JUST a feeling. If you really liked it there, I'd suggest asking them about staying for a week or so in a few months. Then you can better experience their daily life and whether or not you are called to it.

God bless!
Feelings are SO hard to judge! I sympathize.

You hear everywhere "don't rely on your feelings" and "don't rely on your reason" and "don't rely on signs" and "don't rely on your personality type" and you end up feeling like "well what SHOULD I rely on?!?!" and I guess the truth is that it is some combination of your personality, feelings, logical reasoning, and signs from God, they are all interconnected and back each other up to form what becomes evidence of your vocation.