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La Peregrina

updates on everyone

 I was active in this community ages ago, stopped using LJ when I was in Bolivia and am now trying to get back into LJ again.

I was reading those old posts from 2005-2007ish yesterday and would love to know how everyone from back then is doing (and even those who didn't post back then!). 

Who joined a religious community?
Who learned that marriage is actually their vocation?
Who learned that religious life is their vocation but is still searching for a community that fits them?
Who is still discerning God's will for them?

As for me (if you remember me) - years ago, I wanted to be a Maryknoll Sister. As my faith developed and matured, that want faded my junior/senior year of college and I realized that Maryknoll wasn't my calling. It no longer "fit" me at all.  I joined a Salesian congregation about three years ago and left after about six months. Now, almost three years after leaving, I MAY have finally found my vocation with the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. I'm passing more and more time with them and if I do decide my vocation is with them, I plan on entering in a year/two years.

Please comment! I would love to know how everyone is!
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